Thursday, January 19, 2012

Guess What We Have? - Charming Charlie

Argh, this post took forever to post! I couldn't get the pictures to upload correctly and kept having to walk away from the computer.  Now for your viewing (and retail) pleasure, I bring you a new post!


Last summer I saw a post by Tina from T Minus, T Plus regarding Charming Charlie, an accessory store that had yet to reach the west coast.  A few months ago I was in Reno, NV and saw a sign for Charming Charlie and I was thrilled to know that there was finally a store within driving distance from my house!  Unfortunately I didn't have time to stop that day.

I recently found out that we got our very own Charming Charlie at the Fountain's in Roseville (much closer than Reno, NV).  My boyfriend's daughter and I wandered in on New Year's Day and spent well over an hour examining every bracelet, purse, hair accessory, pair of sunglasses, and ring in the store.  I was expecting a super jewelry store but it was much more of an accessory experience! 

The store is arranged in color categories making it very easy to find that perfect pair of earrings for that pink dress or a great green watch to match your favorite scarf!  From tops to sun glasses, purses to shoes, bracelets to necklaces... the store had it all!  Not only was the selection fantastic, but the prices were as well.  The majority of the pieces I looked at were well under $40.  There were also many cute bags under $50.

Being on a budget stinks to say the least.  Being out of work and going to school has virtually eliminated my shopping budget so I chose one pair of glasses for under $10.  But being in the store gave me some great ideas of how to dress up my school uniform (black and white) without breaking the budget.  We are allowed to wear colorful accessories so I may have to run back to Charming Charlie in the near future to add some flare to my otherwise predictable daily wear!