Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Black, White and a Little of the In Between

While I was on my unintentional bloggy-break I was still taking pictures with the best of intentions of posting them.  Have no fear, I did get dressed everyday even though I wasn't posting.

Looking back on the photos it appears as if I was on a color ban.  The strange thing is that I've really been trying to get more color in my wardrobe.  I've been diligent about picking up bright colors and fun patterns the past few times I've been shopping - but you can't tell from these pictures!

Top: Loft
Black Cropped Pants: Loft
Shoes: Carlos Santana via Ross
Bracelets: Cookie Lee

Top: Pure Energy via Target
Black Wide-Leg Cropped Pants: Larry Levine via Ross
Belt: NY&Co
Shoes: Anne Klein 
Earrings: Cookie Lee 

Top: eci via Macy's
Skirt: Sunny Leigh via Macy's
Belt: NY&Co
Black Flats: Nicole via Ross

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pomp and Circumstance

Today my little cousin, Lena, graduated from California State University, Chico... Go Lena!  It is always wonderful to watch a loved one reach such an incredible goal.  I'm positive she will go far in life.

My favorite thing about Lena's sense of style is that it is unpredictable.  She had on this fabulous blue gingham dress and cute, white heels with bows on the ankle straps.  The outfit had a retro feel and it looked great on her.  

My outfit pulled double duty this weekend.  I wore it to a friend's birthday party on Saturday night and then put it right back on to go to the graduation.  I know, I know... so unoriginal but I had to be out of the house a little after 6am and I didn't have enough energy to come up with anything different.  Plus the dress was just so bright and airy feeling.

Outfit Details
Maxi Dress - Ross
Teal Tank - Lauren Conrad via Chic Boutique Consignment
Denim Jacket - Baccini via Ross
White Flip Flops - Old Navy
Necklace - Cookie Lee
Heart-face Watch - Lucky Brand via Macy's

Friday, May 20, 2011

FBFF - Blog Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves... Don't even get me started.  I've got a million!  This week's Fashion Beauty Friend Friday's topic is blog pet peeves.  After almost a year of following numerous blogs, certain things can bug you just a bit and below you will find my top 5.  You can go over to Modly Chic to see the peeves of my fellow bloggers - Thank you Katie for another interesting topic.

Before you read my pet peeves, I'd like to mention that none of these are mean hearted in nature and I'm am probably (definitely) guilty of most of them.

The five things that drive me crazy about blogs that I follow:

1. That darned lace skirt from Target - You all know the one I'm talking about. 

Mainly, this is a jealousy issue on my part.  I hunted this skirt down and brought a large in to the fitting room and it was way too small.  So then I brought in an XL and an XXL and neither one looked good on me.  The skirt keeps showing up and haunting me - it is almost like that super cute, popular girl in highschool who dated the cutest guy, was voted cheer captain, won prom queen, was a candy striper, got perfect grades and never had a bad hair day.  Lace skirt, you peeve me out! 

2. Unexpected, unexplained absences - and who am I to talk? Especially after not blogging for a while!

Some of my favorites have taken a leave of absence and I miss them.  How dare you take time off from blogging?  We are like totally the best of blog friends and you left me hanging.  I didn't get to see what you wore for like three weeks and you didn't comment on my outfits for a while either!  Plus to be honest, I get worried that something happened.

3. The over-achieving over-participator.

There are SO many awesome things to be a part of in the blog world.  Slick and Sultry Saturday, The Every-Color-Of-The-Rainbow Crew, White Out, Black Out, Pants Off, Skirts Only, etc.  It gets a little hard to tell what a blogger is about when everyday is dedicated to someone else's project/cause/theme.  I've taken part in a few (Hello... FBFF, EBEW, 30 for 30) but I think occasionally my blogger friends need to remember to step back and come up with some original ideas.

4. Hug gramur misstaeks and speling arrors - I'm not elaborating on this one.  'Nuff said.


5. I'll follow you if you follow me - Major turn off!

This one just feels so needy and disingenuous.  I follow some bloggers who's style is nothing like mine what-so-ever.  I'll follow you if I'm interested in what you put together.  And I would expect the same in return - if you like what I've got going, then follow me.  I dig your style but that doesn't mean you need to bring a shovel to my party. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May Showers Bring...

I am so ready for some good weather.  On Sunday I had the heater on in the house, I was curled up under a pile of blankets while we watched the movie 2012 (terrible, unbelievable, way too long).  Outside a raging storm was going on - thunder, lightening, pouring rain... and then hail.  Large hail.  In mid May!  The crazy weather is causing little league games to be postponed, Amgen Tour of California bicycle riders to be inconvenienced, outdoor events to be really uncomfortable for this time of year.  The greater Sacramento area has a tendency to skip seasons entirely and I have a feeling we are bypassing Spring this year.  On my drive home the sign on the freeway has warned of snow over the Donner Summit the past week and like I mentioned previously... It is mid May!

When I left the house this morning it was still sprinkling a little bit and not very warm by northern California standards so I went with what would keep me warm.  I thought the outfit was a little boring and I felt like I needed a pop of color so I grabbed the teal scarf.  The scarf looked better most of the day when it hung a little lower - I retied it right before leaving work (unfortunately a little higher) and wasn't crazy about the results.

What worked: I was warm.  I liked the teal scarf with the brown and white combo.

What didn't: The buckle on my boots got caught on the hem of the skirt a few times making for awkward moments.  My hair - limpness and I need a trim badly!

Outfit Details
White Sheer Blouse - Style&Co via Macy's
Brown A-line Skirt - Rafaella via Ross
Boots - Style&Co via Macy's
Scarf - Target