Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Bags Are Packed, I'm Ready To Go!

Excited (and a little nervous) doesn't even begin to express how I'm feeling about my trip. On September 22 - TOMORROW, I'll be leaving for a 10 day trip to Europe... Brussels, Belgium - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Munich, Germany.  I'll be flying out by myself and meeting my friend Erika in Brussels.
One of the things that has me a little nervous is what to pack.  Will I be warm enough?  Will I be too hot?  What if I manage to spill something on a piece I intended to wear more than once? Do I have appropriate clothing for the activities we planned? -There are many other things that I've thought about but com'on, this is a blog about what I wear so I'm just listing those things.

Let me tell you, it is really hard packing for cooler weather when we are experiencing weather in the high 90's!  I broke a sweat more than once trying things on for the trip.  I bet you are wondering what I've packed... here are a few pictures. 

Cardigans, Short-Sleeve Tops, Tanks and Camis, Long Sleeve Tops

Pants and skirt and leggings, Nice Top and PJ's, Unmentionables, Shoes
Hats, Scarves, and other things that'll make traveling a little more comfortable.
And it all fits in here!
I have a few last minute things that I'll be putting in there but for now, I have ample room and my bag isn't anywhere near the 50lb weight limit... hooray! They way I look at it, more room for shopping while I'm there! 

Erika and I just finished Skyping and I feel so much better.  We've worked out where we will be meeting once I get there and what sort of things I need to make sure to have with me.  In less than 24 hours I'll be sitting in the airport in Washington, DC getting ready to board my plane for Belgium.  

I have to go run a few errands before the day is done so toodles!  Don't be worried about me if you don't see another post for about two weeks.  If I get a chance I'll send out little updates.  Enjoy yourselves and behave while I'm gone traipsing around the world.


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