Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May Showers Bring...

I am so ready for some good weather.  On Sunday I had the heater on in the house, I was curled up under a pile of blankets while we watched the movie 2012 (terrible, unbelievable, way too long).  Outside a raging storm was going on - thunder, lightening, pouring rain... and then hail.  Large hail.  In mid May!  The crazy weather is causing little league games to be postponed, Amgen Tour of California bicycle riders to be inconvenienced, outdoor events to be really uncomfortable for this time of year.  The greater Sacramento area has a tendency to skip seasons entirely and I have a feeling we are bypassing Spring this year.  On my drive home the sign on the freeway has warned of snow over the Donner Summit the past week and like I mentioned previously... It is mid May!

When I left the house this morning it was still sprinkling a little bit and not very warm by northern California standards so I went with what would keep me warm.  I thought the outfit was a little boring and I felt like I needed a pop of color so I grabbed the teal scarf.  The scarf looked better most of the day when it hung a little lower - I retied it right before leaving work (unfortunately a little higher) and wasn't crazy about the results.

What worked: I was warm.  I liked the teal scarf with the brown and white combo.

What didn't: The buckle on my boots got caught on the hem of the skirt a few times making for awkward moments.  My hair - limpness and I need a trim badly!

Outfit Details
White Sheer Blouse - Style&Co via Macy's
Brown A-line Skirt - Rafaella via Ross
Boots - Style&Co via Macy's
Scarf - Target

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  1. yay! you're back to blogging. love your outfits and stories attached. thanks for sharing them on here!


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