Sunday, February 26, 2012

Her Stylish Trails

When I traveled to Europe last fall, I was so happy to see my good friend Erika waiting for me at the airport in Brussels, Belgium.  She'd been traipsing around Southern Europe the month prior enjoying sun, new friendships and tapas.  The first thing I noticed about her when I arrived is that she didn't stick out in the least bit, she blended in perfectly with her breezy, laid-back, care-free style.

She has a great way of fitting in to her surroundings.  Her chamilion-like clothing enables her to wander about the world without drawing too much unwanted attention to herself.

One thing we noticed as we traveled around Europe was that everyone was sporting a scarf.  Erika travels with quite the collection!  We joked that it didn't really matter what you were wearing, your look wasn't complete without a scarf.  While we were in Bruges, we encountered a great open air market and she walked away with three fabulous scarves that totally compliment her eclectic style.

I even noticed that a local here or there would approach her asking a question in their native language... she and I would just laugh.  That is how well she can blend!

Even at Oktoberfest she fit in splendidly with her dirndl! 

Erika left for a tour of the Southern Hemisphere in early January.  I've had a great time following her adventures on her blog Her Happy Trails.  She is doing a great job of documenting the events attended, friends made, volunteer opportunities, and even her choice of clothing during her travels.

Stop by, say hi and send her some blog lovin'!

~Love and miss you Erika~

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