Thursday, February 16, 2012

Puppy Love and Pet Peeves

Jake insisted on making an appearance for the Valentines Day photo shoot.  And who am I to deny him his place in the spotlight?  It is pure puppy love!

Luckily we had a "dress down" day at school on Tuesday for Valentine's Day so I was able to be a bit festive with my clothing.  There are certain things I have to keep in mind while choosing an outfit for school though...
  1. Will I be devastated if I get product on my outfit?  I work with various facial cleansers, lotions, clay masks, waxes and other messy things while I'm at school and chances are, I will be wearing some of it by the end of the day. I wasn't going to be devastated if I got product on any of the pieces and they are all machine washable - yay!
  2. Will I be comfortable in this outfit while giving facials, providing waxing services and while walking around on a tile floor?  I love wearing skirts and dresses but they require a certain amount of awareness.  While giving a facial, it isn't my priority to make sure I'm sitting lady-like.  The leggings addressed that concern and kept me from inadvertently flashing anyone!
  3. Is the outfit "salon professional" or comparable to what a client would expect to see if they were at a salon, day spa or professional skin care setting?  While I wouldn't wear this if I worked in a day spa setting, I felt like I could walk in to a salon and be right at home with this attire.  Although, I was surprised to see what others considered appropriate - not judging - ok, maybe I'm judging. 
Some general thoughts on dressing salon profesh: UGGs = Ugg! If your look makes Ke$ha look modest, reconsider! Hooded sweatshirts make a statement and that statement is "I didn't care enough to get dressed this morning."  A pink pajama shirt has its place, and it isn't at school.  If you walk in heels like both of your ankles are sprained, I have a hard time taking you seriously. --- That's all, rant over

Just joking, rant not quite over.  One final pet peeve:

No where in the word is there an "M" - I can't even tell you how I cringe when I hear "Happy Valentime's Day!" 


Say it with me now!


 I'm terrible, I know. 

Outfit Details
Pink Dress: Merona via Target
Denim Jacket: Bacci via Ross
Black Leggings: Ann Taylor Loft
Black Belt: NY&Co
Blue Ballet Flats: Lindsay Phillips via Marshall's
Blue Hinged Watch: Charming Charlie

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