Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another Black and White Number

It's not too late to enter the Bed Head Foxy Curls giveaway.
You have until Saturday, July 30 at 11:59 PM.  Good Luck!
 Hi, I'm Tiffany, and I love black and white... *Hi Tiffany* 

Oh, but wait... I put on red too.  Really stepping outside of the box on that choice!  This picture was taken on my first day back to work after returning from Cabo.  Half of my clothes were in the hamper and I needed something comfortable and simple. Check and Check.

Boyfriend and I picked up the bracelet in Cabo from a beach vendor.  If you've never been to Cabo, here is how the exchange goes...
I walk over to a vendor with a jewelry case and peruse for something I like.  I knew I wanted a piece of hammered silver so I just needed something to catch my eye.  Once I find the piece I like, I do a little bargaining myself to see how much the vendor will budge.  I NEVER carry the money with me while looking.  Then I call the boyfriend over and let the vendor know that HE (now pointing to boyfriend) is the one calling the jewelry purchasing shots.  Boyfriend barters with the jewelry vendor until we reach a prediscussed price OR we walk away... there will always be another vendor to come along.  On this particular day we scored the cuff for $20 and I was happy with the price we reached.

Boyfriend is the ultimate bargainer.  I'm pretty sure the vendors tell tales of the loud Italian that walks the beaches of Cabo nearly stealing the items by driving such a hard bargain.  I think I actually heard a mariachi band sing a song about the Italian Bargainer of Cabo... then again the song was in Spanish and I don't always understand all of the lyrics.

Outfit Details
White Sweater Top: Old Navy
Red Ribbed Tank: Merona via Target
Black Cropped Pants: The Loft
Black Sandals: Bass Outlet
Mixed Metals Necklace: Cookie Lee
Silver Cuff Bracelet: Beach Vendor in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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