Thursday, July 14, 2011

Guest Post by Heather and Reece: Stylish Baby

Heather and my sister became friends in highschool and later as adults found out that they were pregnant right around the same time (both with adorable girls).  Reece is always dressed for the occasion in every picture I've ever seen.  Heather is sharing her darling baby with us and a little about how to keep your baby girl stylish!

The week I left for vacation was nutso so I'm behind on my guest bloggers. I have one more in the cue before we get back to our regularly scheduled program...


1. I love this bathing suit! The patterns mesh well together and the black and white stripe ruffles match really well with her zebra sunglasses. I love that it’s a tankini too. It’s so much easier to put a wiggly baby in a two-piece bathing suit, not to mention easier to get it off after she’s all wet. Also one of the things I like most about this suit is the cut. I know it sounds weird but if the cut is too high on the bottoms then her swimmer diaper sticks out and looks silly. Her zebra sunglasses are my favorite pair. I saw these out of the corner of my eye during a shopping trip to Babies r Us. In my opinion, every baby girl needs a pair of big sunglasses.

Outfit Details
Swimsuit: Circo via Target
Zebra Sunglasses: Babies R Us

2. This bathing suit is also one of my favs. One of my girlfriends bought it for her when she lived in Hawaii. It says " I <3 HI". This fits perfectly because our family loves Hawaii, and eventually Reece will too. The ruffle on this suit is the perfect ruffle. It flares out just like a ruffle should. The straps criss-cross in the back and makes it even more adorable. The cut on this one is a little high, but with a little adjustment it can be fixed.

Outfit Details
Swimsuit: This came from a random store on Oahu. I wish I new where.

3. Too cute Tutu! I can’t begin to explain my love for tutus. Reece has a total of 7 tutus in her wardrobe, including one from when she was a newborn. I don’t know what it is but tutus have always appealed to me. From the moment my husband and I found out that we were having a girl, I have been obsessed with them. This particular outfit was a gift for Reece for Easter from her cousins. Even though the onesie is black it’s pretty lightweight and breathes really well, plus its hot pink. I dressed her in this outfit for Cinco de Mayo and we couldn’t walk two feet without getting stopped by another person complimenting her outfit.

Outfit Details
Tutu: Rockbaby via

4. More tutus! The moment I came across this outfit, I knew Reece had to have it. However, now that my darling 10 month old is walking, it’s very hard to get a picture of her standing still. I bought this outfit from and another similar one for the Fourth of July. What drew me to this outfit initially was the one regular strap and one ribbon strap. Hello! Can we say adorable? Oh and it comes with a tutu? SOLD. I think Reece really loves to get dressed, because when she looks in the mirror afterwards she smiles and stares at herself. I think I have created a fashion monster. Also when she walks, she holds the side of the tutu. Not like she wants to take it off, but in a sort of curtsy fashion without the bending. In my mind I can picture her saying to herself as she’s doing this "I look so pretty in my tutu, don’t I?"

Outfit Details
Krazy legs via

5. Aloha! This is Reece's Hawaiian outfit... blue dress with pink hibiscus flowers. It’s smocked at the top and ties at the neck. I originally bought this dress in Maui for a friend’s daughter two years ago. Once she grew out of it, she handed it back down to me for Reece to wear. This is the perfect summer dress. It’s super lightweight and since it’s from the islands, another baby probably won’t be wearing it. When she wears this dress I always pair it with her ultra fashionable jeans diapers ;)

Outfit Details
Blue Hawaiian Print Dress: Hawaiian Wear by Hilo Hatties

6. Every girl must have a party dress. Reece wore this outfit for a friend’s outdoor wedding in June. It was a casual wedding so I paired this dress with strappy sandals (that she wore for all of 10 minutes). The sandals were almost the exact same pink as the dress and had three flowers on top that were adorned with clear rhinestones. When looking fancy, it’s a must for some type of bling. The ruffles on this dress were vertical tulle, but the material wasn’t stiff thankfully. The whole dress was very soft, so that kept her comfy the whole night. She even got to boogie on the dance floor for a bit.

Outfit Details
Dress: Baby Gap
Shoes: Babies R Us

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