Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Guest Post by Casey: Polka Dot or Not???

Today's guest post is provided by Casey.  She and I go way back... we're talking so far back that we used to borrow each other's Loose Fit Levi's, body suits (oh dear), and Stussy hooded sweatshirts - yes, that far back.  She and I later worked together at a historical landmark movie theatre in our hometown.  While at that job we got had to wear white collared shirts with a black vest, black slacks, and black shoes (gag).  Casey and I reconnected through Facebook a while back and I immediately noticed that she and I have come along way from those fashion tragedies of the 90's.  So while I'm lounging poolside with a Dirty Monkey in my hand, lets hear Casey's take on one of our favorite  patterns...


Polka-dot… or not???

This is a question that has never crossed my mind. I’m not sure if it’s the flirty pattern or the vintage feel of polka-dots that attracts me to them, but recently, I looked in my closet and saw that I own the following polka-dotted items… 5 dresses, 4 tops, 4 pairs of underoos, 3 bras, 2 bathing suits, 1 skirt, 2 scarves, 3 pairs of socks, 1 pair of tights, 1 pair of high heels and a rolling suitcase. Really?! Yes, it’s true.

Wow!  That is a lot of polka-dots!

Google "polka-dots/vintage/actresses" and you’ll see a variety of lovely ladies donning the dots… one of my favorites is of a 1940’s actress, Chili Williams… the print is “Polka Dot Girl”. Lucille Ball was often found in her polka-dotted shirt dresses. Audrey Hepburn wore a beautiful polka-dot-like flower print dress in “Funny Face” and would certainly approve of my polka-dot collection. Actress Hedy Lamarr wore a fantastic red polka-dot dress in the 40’s as well. Polka-dots are everywhere, especially on more current folks who are looking for that vintage flair.

Polka-dots are retro, rockabilly, classy, charming, innocent, risqué… you can communicate a variety of things with polka-dots. You can find current trends, vintage trends, childrens’ clothes and travel gear all in polka-dots. 

On the go * Poised and pretty * Working hard *
As a curvy, plus-sized girl, one might think that busy prints would bring the eye to your not-so-favorite parts, the bigger parts, the less toned parts, the parts that society tells us to hide, but I say, print me up and show me off. I happily prance around in my polka dots not only because they draw your eye to my look, but because they inspire inquiries. I find that I get more compliments or questions about what I’m wearing when I wear something with polka-dots. And they’re friendly. Does that make sense? I find that polka-dots communicate a charm and an unseen smile to the onlooker that says “happiness” or “cheerful” while still being sexy or smart. 

My friend Emily Hall graciously donated her time to take some pictures of me in some of my polka dot favorites. As you will see, my polka-dot collection can be sweet and proper, fun and flirty, smart and sophisticated, or sexy and sassy. The cut of the garment is what determines it, but all of the outfits really show that polka-dots are versatile and can be worn for work or play. 

Outfit details
Halter polka-dot dress: courtesy of Ms. Emily Hall
Polka-dot heels: DSW
Polka-dot dress with travel bag: Dress from Maurices, Travel bag from Target
Blouse with jean skirt/black pants: another one courtesy of Ms. Emily Hall
Red tank with Capri pants: Fashion Bug
Black dress with white polka-dots: Target
A-line office dress: Target

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