Saturday, July 2, 2011

Gingham and Birthdays

The weather forecast for June 28th was for rain and cooler temps so I didn't think twice about grabbing chinos and a button down shirt to keep myself properly covered for this unusually cool weather.  The look was a little drab with just the top and pants so I grabbed for the brightest belt I have.  I was pleased with how the look came together.  I did chuckle a little though when I pulled up my blog roll and found another snazzy lady rocking the blue gingham on her daily outfit post.

Lena - Erica - Tiffany
After work on Tuesday, I headed over to Blue Nami sushi to celebrate Erica's (my middle sister) birthday.  A little bit of rain freakin' down poor didn't stop us from enjoying family time and yummy sushi.  Lena, Erica and I are all Cancers.  Our birthdays are all within a week of each other - ok, so they are seven years younger, but who's counting?
Brooklynn and Momma

The great thing about having a baby around family gatherings is that there is never any lull what-so-ever - her entertainment value is priceless.  She is babbling, drinking water out of her sippy cup, trying to pull off my jewelry, playing drums on the table, and in general, being just about the cutest thing ever.

Baby B isn't afraid of going bold with colors!

Did I mention that she is a good sport? I'm the mean auntie that handed her a lemon wedge - it was hysterical. I wish we would have captured the squidgy face expression she had with the first taste.  Maybe I should feel bad about handing her something so sour but after the first time, she kept grabbing the lemon and putting it back in her mouth - still making a face each time of course!

Outfit Details
Blue Gingham Ruffle Buttondown: Old Navy
Grey Chinos: NY & Co
Pink Skinny Belt: Target
Black Flats: Nicole via Ross
Necklace: Cookie Lee

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