Monday, July 18, 2011

Battery Charger Hide'n'Go Seek

I had the best of intentions of photo documenting every part of my recent trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  There were grandiose thoughts of taking daily outfit photos.  I was even planning on showing you some of my favorite spots to hang out in Cabo.  To do these things successfully, I needed to have my camera battery charger with me.  I was running around in my usual pre-vacation panic and could not find my battery charger anywhere.  Great time for you to hide you sneaky little rascal!  My battery took me through the first full day of vacation before running out of juice... booo!  This means I'm waiting on a disc full of pictures from the other people on the trip before I can share some of the better parts of the vacation with you.

While I patiently wait for the disc, I'll look at this picture wishing I was still there enjoying the ocean, endless guacamole, a cold Pacifico, and the hot weather. 

**Seriously, total nimrod move forgetting the battery charger.  Also a major sign that I need to clean and organize my room!**

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