Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tongue-tied Tuesday

I'm tired and I think that headache from yesterday fried a few brain cells so I'm a little tongue tied.  This is what I put on today, nothing special except for the fact that these pant fit much better now that I've lost close to 7lbs... Whooopee!

Hopefully I have more words for you tomorrow... goodnight y'all!

Outfit Details
Sheer White Top: Style & Co via Macy's
Brown Cropped Pants: TJ Maxx
Brown Heels: M.P.S via Off Broadway Shoes
Snakey Belt: Off a top bought at Kohl's
Flower Necklace: Cookie Lee


  1. Congrats on the 7 pounds!! You look amazing (but you always have)! I love the new hair too.

  2. I really like your hair in this pic...I know this is supposed to be about the cloths...but I cant help but compliment the fun curls!
    AND 7 lbs!! Awesome!!


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