Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday, Monday

Oh Monday, you got me this time!  My dog decided to get up and shake around at 4:30, 5:00, 5:30 and then 3 minutes before my alarm went off.  I got caught in a time warp while trying to figure out what to wear. I didn't have any time to stop for caffeine on the way to work. And then I got a migraine half way through the day so I left work early, climbed in to bed and slept it off.  My head is still sore but I think I'll survive. 

The last time I wore this sweater was a Monday as well. Nothing like a loud sweater to try to pep up a Monday - only it didn't work this time!

I think this cheetah print sweater was made for this skirt. The outfit felt a like what Betty Paige might have worn if she was a conservative librarian. The white shirt felt a little bright under the sweater but I wanted the option of being able to remove the sweater if need be... we were expecting weather in the low 70's today and I didn't want to be stuck roasting away.  Check out Jessica from Surely Sonsy to see another take on animal print... This gal knows how to rock a pencil skirt like no other!

I would also like to welcome my bare legs to 2011. Thankfully my legs weren't quite as pasty white as I feared they might be.  My bare legs thought they wanted nylons for split second today but then they remembered the post we read on Facebook pertaining to an overheard fitting room conversation.  My friend heard a sales gal tell a younger woman that she should wear nylons under a cute sun dress and my friend was appalled at the advise. The debate over bare legs versus nylons took off from there.  What do you think?  Are Nylons off limits to ladies under 60?

Outfit Details
Cheetah Cardigan: FWM via Freestyle Clothing Exchange
Skirt: Sunny Leigh via Macy's
White T-Shirt: Gap
Quilted Slingbacks: Anne Klein via TJ Maxx
Wide Elastic Belt: New York & Co


  1. Ew...nylons? Yucky. I say absolutely not unless they're super cute patterned. Especially under a sundress.

  2. Nude hose makes the legs look better, makes your legs feel good, and give your outfit a bit of polish. Don't worry about what anyone else thinks. After all, you're a fashion blogger. If you really cared what others thought, you probably wouldn't wear the clothing you do and post pictures of them.
    Wear them if you want and don't worry about it!

  3. Love love love this outfit! It's very "sexy secretary!"
    For nylons, I think it depends on the event in which you are attending. If it's something where there will be many seniors that would be offended if bare legs were shown, I say wear nylons. But otherwise, I wouldn't bother with them!

  4. The outfit looks great....I agree with the "sexy secretary" look.....

  5. Girl, you look amazing in this outfit! The proportions are just right and the print really jazzes it up.

    I don't think nylons are that bad.

  6. I love this outfit - your Betty Paige comparison is spot-on. Nylons...yeah, the longer one can put them off, the better. But I understand the draw when some women suffer with vericlose (sp?) veins n' such, regardless of age. There are better alternatives though, even nude, patterned tights like a micro-fishnets or something...

  7. Lady, you are looking smokin' in this outfit!! As for nylons, I am personally against them. They can age a person tremendously and it seems they are always too light or too dark (those suntan things are god awful!). I'm with Jill - there are much better alternatives. That's just my 2 cents though!


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