Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Slippery - Mimi, this one's for you!

Ready... Set... HOT!!! 

I know this is a blog about style but man, the weather seems to be my favorite topic lately.  I wonder if you all are starting to think of me as that boring date that has run out of topics and is now using the good ol' "Can you believe the weather?" line to pass a few more minutes until the end of the dinner. 

As it warms up swelters in the Sacramento valley, it is important to always have a layer with you, especially when you work in an Arctic freeze zone in your office.  I know I've mentioned this before but the front part of my office is typically 10 degrees (or more) cooler than the back half of the office.  As the back part of the office reaches the high 70's, my coworkers creep up to lower the thermostat causing me to sprout goose-bumps from head to toe!  I think the jacket went on and off no fewer than five times as I attempted to regulate my heat throughout the day.

My youngest sister went through this phase when she was about 3 or 4 years old where she wanted to wear a full slip with everything she owned - not just dresses.  She called them her slippery. She would come out of her room wearing a cute little sweat suit with the slip under the sweatshirt/over the sweat pants or jeans with a Minnie Mouse shirt with the slip under the shirt/over the jeans.  It was embarrassing for me because my mom frequently volunteered at my junior high and would bring my slippery-wearing sister with her.  My friends all thought it was funny and at the time I thought it was mortifying.  My lil sis just loved the feel of the slippery and wouldn't leave the house without wearing one.   This shirt makes me understand why she wanted to wear a slip daily...

Reasons why I love this top:
It has so many great colors - burnt orange, lavender, cream, beige, brown, black.
The lovely lace detail.
It is sooo silky soft!
The flowy cut.
Did I mention is goes with everything?
It feels like a socially acceptable way to wear a slippery in public!

I just feel great whenever I put on this top.  Not only is this top versatile, it is also one of the most comfortable pieces I own!  Mimi, this slippery top is for you!

Outfit Details
Beige Jacket - kikaPaprika
Patterned Top - Sunny Leigh Via Macy's
Brown Cropped Pants - Pantology via TJ Maxx
Brown Wedges - American Eagle via Payless (gift from super friend Trish)
Brown Elastic Belt - Target


  1. I LOVE that top.

  2. I work in a meat locker than sweat when I get outside. In the winter...its the opposite. I don't understand the lack of temperature control in my office.

    I really like the top!


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