Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Viva Las Vegas

Last weekend was the girls trip to Las Vegas.  We had a great time but I only managed to get a few usable pictures - strangers never seem to slow down long enough to steady the camera for a decent photo.  Outfit photos from the first day seem to be the only usable ones on my camera!

*This may be one of my favorite "less than $20 outfits" ever!

I love the pattern and the colors on this skirt.  I'm hoping to find a top with royal blue accents soon. The outfit was super comfortable for travel - even the wedge shoes were easy to wear for the whole day.

I'm going to check with my friends that were on the trip to see if there are any other photos worth sharing.  Is that a sign of a good trip when you don't slow down long enough to take many pictures?

Outfit Details
Embellished Tank Top - Old Navy ($3 - can you believe it?)
Skirt - Merona via Free Style ($2 - can you believe it?)
Wedge Sandals - Franco Sarto via Ebay ($9 - can you believe it?)
Belt - NY&Co via Ross ($5 - can you believe it?)


  1. I love the pattern on the skirt!

  2. great skirt!
    (I just saw the comment above and it says the same thing.) Well, I guess that's how cute that print is. Wonderful pattern.


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