Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Splish Splash Swimwear

I guess it is apparent that I'm not afraid of color when it comes to swimwear.  I know that so many people think that black is a slimming color but I think it is such a boring choice when it comes to swimwear. On top of that, my skin is so pale right now (due to lack of sun this spring) that I think black might to too stark a contrast and make me appear larger.  The one piece bathing suit seemed to be the way to go this summer so I sought out suits with a little bit of visual interest.

This weekend I'm going to Las Vegas with my girlfriends and I'm so excited to wear these little darlings poolside!  Let me introduce you to them individually...

Vamp - Jantzen

There were so many things to love about this Jantzen suit.  The rouching on the sides help to distract from any of the lumps and bumps hiding beneath and the length of the "skirt" on the suit is fabulous.  It has a halter strap if I so choose but I love the fact that I won't have to worry about tan lines with this suit.  It also ties in the back so I can adjust the top.  This is important to make sure the girls are getting the support they need.  I found this suit at TJ Maxx for $24.99 but the same suit can be found here for right around $50.  Jantzen has so many other fabulous suits right now.  They also have a great blog that features previous as well as current designs... http://jantzenswim.blogspot.com/.


I initially loved the ruffle along the v-neck on this suit.  I've never heard of this designer before and had a hard time finding out where one might go to find this suit online - I did see a few similar ones listed on Ebay.  I found it at Ross for $19.99.  It had a tiny little bow that really didn't fit in with the rest of the suit so I took it off once I got home.  The coverage on this bust line is great and I really like that the straps are adjustable.  I often find that a suit that fits perfectly while dry often needs some adjusting after I've been in the water - problem solved!

Tommy Bahama
 I actually got this suit a while back (a year or two ago) but I've only worn it once.  Usually Tommy Bahama suits retail well over $100 but I was able to pick this one up at the factory outlet for under $30. This is another suit that I can adjust easily due to the tie behind the neck design.  Similar suit.

Looking at all of these suits together I'm  noticing a bit of a throw-back theme.  I think I might be able to wear any of them to a Mad Men poolside cocktail party.  Now I just need to find a cute little white wrap to finish off these great suits!

By the way, it is supposed to 79 degrees tomorrow... Hopefully we will get to 80 degrees and then I'll have an outfit post for you.  Fingers crossed!


  1. Great suits. I recently just bought one very similar to the top one, but in a bright purple color. I'm with you - I like my lots of color!

    Have fun in Vegas!

  2. Thanks Kimberly - I'm so looking forward to getting some sun. It has been raining off and on for two weeks now and I need rays!

  3. Loving your swimsuit picks! They're so bright and cheerful.


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