Monday, June 27, 2011

Super Casual

Let's hear it for a super casual Friday look!
I seldom dress this casual for work but there were a number of reasons I felt comfortable enough to wear this to work last Friday.  Every two years the company I work for has to go through a certification process and the time leading up to it can be a little stressful. We have a general idea of when they will show up, as in a one month window. On the day of the visit we get (at most) two hours notice before the representative shows up.  We had our review on the Thursday prior and passed with flying colors... 100% baby!  Our files were not only in order, we were told they were a fantastic example of how a file should look.  We exceeded many of the commission's standards and felt a great sense or relief (maybe a little pride) after hearing her thoughts on how we are handling things in the office.

Knowing that we'd passed our certification (and kicked ass on it) I thought I could get away with the ripped jeans.  There are certain people that feel that overalls or sparkly graphic t-shirts are appropriate for the office but I tend to disagree.  Realistically, the office is pretty casual but I just don't feel profesh enough wearing something like this daily.  But Friday felt a little like a holiday so I went with it! 

I was very pleased with how the look came together.  It's aways fun to pair a masculine piece (the ripped jeans) with a feminine piece (the white top).  I'm a huge fan of white tops and I'm guilty of buying way to many of them.  But, this one isn't your average white shirt!  When I found this top, what caught my eye was the beautiful detailing on the front and the sheer quality to the rest of it.  I played with the contrast of the picture below so you could really see the detail.  It looks a bit like an antique doily and gives the top a beautiful feminine touch.

I will definitely be on the look-out for more tops by this designer - Daniel Rainn.  When I did a google search I saw that most of the tops have a similar feeling with the light weight, flowing material and lace details. Love!

Outfit Details
White Doily Top: Daniel Rainn via TJ Maxx
Jeans: Express
Shoes: Bass
Shell Necklace: Cookie Lee
Turquoise/Gold Earrings: Cookie Lee

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