Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Deal

Here's the deal:

It is still cold and raining, in California, in June... blarg!!!  This past weekend I went to Reno with a bunch of friends to meet up with fellow Active 20-30 members.  Our organization invited close to 300 kids to the Reno Aces baseball game.  On the way to Reno it started snowing over the Donner Pass.  Nothing big, just a few flakes swirling around.  Once we got to Reno it was chilly but not snowing (yet).  We parked near the stadium, got out of the car and could feel the sprinkles coming down - not a good sign.  I had on jeans, long sleeve shirt, tennis shoes and a NorthFace jacket.  This should have been more than enough to keep me warm on Memorial Day Weekend in Northern California or North-West Nevada.  It went from sprinkling, to raining, to pouring, to hailing, to snowing!!!  I was soaked, cranky, cold, really cold and there wasn't anywhere to go to warm up.  The game as eventually cancelled but only after all of volunteers and the kids we invited were all equally as soaking, cranky and really cold. 

I'm so sick of the winter clothes I've been wearing for the past 8 months now.  The greater Sacramento region usually averages in the low 80's for May and the high 80's for June.  This is so not the case this year.  I'm ready for breezy clothes, sandals, cropped pants (I rarely do shorts), tank tops, and summer dresses.  To heck with sweaters, tights, tall boots, long sleeves, wool skirts, etc. 

Henceforth, I refuse to do outfits posts until we get some warmer weather... so don't worry about me until then.  I'm on strike until Mother Nature decides to send back the sun and the heat.  It is 60 degrees in my house as I'm typing and it is ridiculous to think of turning on my heater on June 2nd.  I'm going to Las Vegas on a girls trip next weekend and I promise to take pictures then (mainly because the weather forecast for Vegas is in the 90's for the whole weekend).  Until then, send warm thoughts my way please!



  1. I sympathize! Berkeley has been downright cold and dreary - worse weather than in January! (or at least, it feels worse b/c I was expecting better.) But I spend my summers with parents, and its supposed to be 75 here tomorrow - nice enough for no sweaters - and sunny, so I'm feeling better. FInger crossed that the CA sun comes out soon!

  2. HERE, HERE! or however that is supposed be spelled. I like that we're getting so much water filling up our lakes and such, but it would be nice to have spring temps for wearing springy clothes.

  3. I’m hosting a event with this month in SF. I would love for you to come!

  4. haha, a strike is a rad idea! maybe today you'll be back already...summertime can you hear me??!!


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