Friday, June 24, 2011

Not So Sure...

The jury is still out on this dress.  It was a great deal (we're talking less than $5 at one of those crazy Gap clearance sales) so it was too hard to pass up.  I've been toying with the idea of disassembling this dress and turning it into two pieces - a tank and a skirt.  I think both might be more flattering if they were separate.  I'm still unsure of what I'm going to do with this one.

Do you remember a few months back when I mentioned that we had a Style Dial party with my friend Amy from The Stylist Online?  I found out that I'm a #2 on the Style Dial and that means that my shoulders are narrower than my hips.  It is recommended that I avoid drop waists or wearing belts around my hips - wearing a belt on your hips can create the illusion that your hips are wider than in reality.  This dress definitely has a drop waist and the white belt was hitting my hips.  Despite the fact that I was ignoring two major pieces of advice, I kinda like the way the dress looks in the photos.  It didn't look nearly as frumpy as I was afraid it might - it can feel a bit like a potato sack while wearing it.   

Any thoughts?  Should I leave it a dress or create two pieces out of the dress???

Outfit Details
Red Tank Top: Merona via Target
Blue Pin Stripe Dress: Gap
White Woven Belt: NY&Co
Red White Blue Wedge Sandals: Gap via my sister Erica (Thanks sis!)
Necklace: Cookie Lee

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  1. i love the color of this on you, and it's funny cuz before you started talking about the belt specifically, i thought, what if she put the belt on her natural waist? whoops. but i think if the skirt portion where straighter, less full, it would rock as a drop waist. but because it is a fuller skirt, the proportions still look off. so, give it a go with the belt a litter higher? it's definitely a great summer look!

    Surely Sonsy


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