Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Skirt: This Way or That Way?

New-to-me Goodwill skirt
I brought this skirt home with the intent of deconstructing it and and making it in to a summery top for my upcoming trip to Cabo.  But then I got it home and decided to give it a shot before I got out the seem ripper.  Now I think I'm sold on it as a skirt. 

I found this skirt at my local Goodwill and there are still some things I just can't get over while I'm in there.  EVERY time I've been in there I've experienced:
  • A Von Trapp sized family of screaming children that all seem to belong to the same family.  I realize it is cruel and unusual to leave a gaggle of children in the car during the summer, but it is annoying to have to listen to each of your eight kids should crying, shouting and carrying on!
  • A shopper that wants to be in my exact location at all times "C'mon, pick a different isle or section until I've had a chance to browse this 2ft section... yes you!  Move along!"
  • A man in the women's shoe section in serious contemplation over a pair of shoes - "Are you buying shoes for yourself?  Or does your wifey trust you to bring home a fabulous pair of shoes for her from the Goodwill?" 
  • The smell! Does a person ever really get over the smell of a thrift store?  I'm beginning to think I should stick coffee beans in my nose while browsing to neutralize the "thrift store stink."

When I got dressed in the morning, I left the black and pink layered tank tops untucked.  When I got home I decided to see what it looked like with them tucked in... I will be going with the look on the right next time.  I feel like the look on the left draws a little more attention to my mid section.  The look on the right shows off the different pattern on the waist of the skirt and I think it looked a little more polished.

This way or that way? What do you think?  To tuck, or not to tuck?

Outfit Details
Black V Neck Tank: Express
Rose Tank: Loft
Floral Skirt: Apt. 9 via Goodwill
Rose Sandals: American Eagle Outfitters
Necklace: Cookie Lee

**By the way, I will be on vacation in Cabo San Lucas from July 2-9.  I have guest bloggers lined up during the week and I'm excited to read their take on style.  Stop by and show them some love!**


  1. Tucked fo sure! Looking great lady!

    Think "that" family makes their rounds at all the thrift shops! Pretty sure I've scene them every time!

  2. Tucked looks so much better

  3. I LOVE this skirt, it's such a fun look! What a great find. I agree with the other commenters- tucked is the way to go!

  4. definitely tucked in! you could add a skinny black belt in the center of the waist band to give it the feel of an obi too!

    Surely Sonsy / Enter my LucieLu Instant Sleeves Giveaway!

  5. The right, honestly it makes you look thinner


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