Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Made It! -- Skirt Refashioned From Men's Dress Shirts

On a recent trip to the thrift store I picked up a few men's dress shirts. 

I tried to choose shirts that color coordinated with one another so I could combine the different fabrics in one project if I wanted - blues and greens for my first project.  I wasn't sure how many shirts I might need so I picked up 5 at $3.99 each and left Goodwill spending less than $20.

Another look at the patterns of the shirts.
With my recent skirt obsession, I decided that would be my first project with the shirts.  I used the pattern from the skirt I made a few weeks ago and modified it by folding each of the pattern pieces in about an inch - I did this to make the skirt less full.  Then I chose the two shirts on the left (see above picture) for the skirt.  For the front and back panel I used the blue shirt and for the side panels I used the green shirt.  It was looking a little plain so I added the blue ruffles to the lower portion of the green side panels.

I then sewed the front panels to the side panels in blue/green/blue/green order.

I finished up the hemline and added and elastic waist to the skirt.

I have a skirt refashioned from men's dress shirts!

I love my new skirt!  It was breezy and airy for a hot summer day.  I can't wait to make another.

Outfit Details
Navy Ribbed Tank: Old Navy
Skirt: I Made It!
White Flippy Floppies: Old Navy
Necklace: Cookie Lee


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