Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm Fallin' For You!

I decided to go super casual for my visit with my sister and niece today so I went with these super stretchy cropped jeans and white tank.  The whole thing felt so plain-jane so I grabbed this t-shirt scarf I made a few months back. 

While going up the walkway to the front door I tripped and biffed it big time.  Clumsy isn't a word I would use to describe myself, but I felt like such a klutz as I was falling toward the cement.  My sister lives on a pretty busy street and while I was laying on the ground (thankfully behind a hedge) I kept thinking "Maybe I should just stay here for a minute so that anyone that might have seen me fall will be way down the street by the time I get up." 

The teal and white striped shirt I used to make this scarf had become a little warn looking over time.  I liked the colors but couldn't see myself wearing this shirt any longer in its current state.  I made the scarf in early March and in late March, Indiana at Adored Austin posted this tutorial.   Coinsindence or another case of great minds thinking alike?

Thankfully, I was mostly unscathed by the fall.  I scratched up my knee a bit and chipped a nail (really frustrating).  My sister had a beautiful shiny teal nail polish and a sharpie handy so guess who has a new leopard print manicure?  I dabbed a bit of the teal polish right over the chip and no one is the wiser - except for those of you that are reading this of course!

Outfit Details
White Tank: Gap Outlet
Jean Cropped Pants: Gap
Shiny Sparkly Sandals: Bass Outlet
Scarf: I Made It! (out of an Old Navy t-shirt)
Bronze Bracelet: Cookie Lee
Turquoise Earrings: Cookie Lee


  1. Love the pop that a scarf can add to an outfit. Also, awesome manicure!!

  2. I love your necklace! I really want to learn how to make something like that!


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