Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wear No Black Week: Day 5 - Fit to be Tied

Day five of the Wear No Black Week challenge hosted by Urban Darling.


I started the day in denim and this brown ruffle detailed top.  I spilled something on the front of the shirt causing a grease stain.  I went in to the kitchen at work and attempted to get the stain out by putting a little water and soap on the spot.  Within a few moments there was a wet spot (basically, the size of the lower half of the shirt).  Thankfully the black hole known as my trunk had a spare shirt, a tie-dyed shirt, so I decided to go a little more casual than normal rather than wearing a soaking wet shirt.

Last summer a load of white clothes was infiltrated by a black sock and the load was washed on hot.  I won't name any names or point any fingers but most of the load was this terrible color, dingy, grey color and a few of the items had big splotches of grey. This top was one of the victims.  My sister had plans to tie-dye a few things so I brought along this shirt.  I was really pleased when we untied the shirt and looked at the pattern and the vibrancy of the colors.   

Have you done any refashions on items that were damaged in a wash-load gone wrong?

Outfit Details
Brown Ruffle Front Shirt: Down East Basics
Tie-Dyed Tank: Old Navy -- dyed by me!
Denim Crops: Gap
Brown Wedge Sandals: Bass Outlet
Abalone Shell Necklace: Cookie Lee

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