Monday, January 10, 2011

I like your pants!

My morning coffee buddy and I are both fans of the wide-leg trouser.  One day while I was wearing a pair, she gave me a nice compliment by telling me “I like your pants.”  But the voice she used was low toned and sort of growly… maybe a little like the Marlboro Man might sound.  It is now and an inside joke between us and when we see wide-leg trousers we are known to say “I like your pants” in the voice. 


I love these lined, wool blend trousers and today was the perfect day to wear them.  It was FREEZING when I went out to my car this morning.  I couldn’t find my ice scraper when I went out to the car so I did the next best thing.  I pulled out my frequent shopper card from my favorite drug store and started trying to use that to scrape the ice.  And it would not budge!  After climbing in the car and cranking up the defroster and the heat my car started fogging up on the inside of the car and the inside subsequently froze.  Did I mention it was cold out?  It took me well over five minutes to get even a small viewing slot in my windshield.  -Don't fret, I didn't drive until I could see out of a dinner plate sized portion of my window!

So when I first looked at these pictures I felt like not posting any of them.  I was trying to conjure up the spirit of the super-cute Sydney from The Day Book.  I watched her poser tutorial on what to do in photos…

 So I tried looking off in the distance.  I tried thinking of my favorite song and doing a little dance.  And the nonchalant look over the shoulder.

I have no clue what this is but I hope it never happens again! 

The really good news is that one day we will all be able to shake our heads in disappointment and look at these first couple of outfit posts to see exactly how far I’ve come!!!

Cream Sweater – the now extinct Mervyn’s (2006?)
Brown silk blend top – Style&Co via Macy’s (2007?)
Wool Trousers – The Loft (Fall 2009)
Brown Heels – M.P.S via Off Broadway Shoes (Fall 2009)


  1. I love these pants too! I don't own enough pants, but I would totally love to rock this pair! You look great, I love all the browns!

  2. loving your photo posing. i like your fashion style.

  3. i likes your photos. you look very adventurous on the fire place ;)

  4. Uhm, you are hilarious. Love your blog. Telling everyone I know to start reading you, STAT.


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