Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Major Malfunction

I told you I'd pull a story every so often from the archives.  Here's a little story about a major wardrobe malfunction:

December 15, 2010

This morning I had a meeting to attend with my mentor, I met him on the corner near my building and we started walking over to the meeting location, about two blocks away from K Street.  This should provide some sort of buffer from the K Street "Krazies," right?  Wrong, I think the city voted down the invisible fence ordinance that would keep all of the Krazies confined only to K Street and the light rail system.  My coworker and I are chit-chatting when I realize that my dress is riding up a little in the back.  When I say "a little" I mean that everyone within viewing distance can see where the control top of my panty hose starts on my upper thigh, they can possibly even see the print of loudest underwear I own - that is what I mean when I say "a little." As I start to fix the situation, the street-dwelling gentleman behind me says in his four-pack-a-day, whiskey voice "Lady, pull yo skirt down.  I can see too much."  Thanks and ouch all at once!  I tried to make a joke of it with my coworker but apparently he didn't find it quite as funny as I did!

Because this meeting ran over (by an hour) my coworker and I missed all of the rides to our holiday party across town at the boss’s house.  I'm not that upset, however, I didn't pack a lunch.  So instead of going in to work, I keep walking past my building to go to Quiznos and I walk past the street guy from earlier (on K Street now where he belongs) and he says "Yup, there she is!"  I'm still not really sure what that means but I made sure my dress was not hiking up north when he made the comment.  I'm willing to bet this guy will be out and about the next time I have a major wardrobe malfunction.

The Culprit
I normally wear a slip under this dress during the winter because the light weight cotton cling to tights, causing the embarrassing "flash" I seem to be so good at... on the day of the aforementioned mishap, I couldn't find my slip and thought everything would be alright (I was obviously wrong).  Oh well, at least I can laugh at myself - I'll even let you laugh at me too.  I'll recreate the outfit (minus the booty show) sometime in the future, it was a cute one when it stayed in place!

Dress Details:
Merona via Target (Summer 10)


  1. oh MAN! i have had some doozies, but that takes the prize! especially the part about the guy pointing you out later on.

  2. I know, seeing the guy later was just icing on the cake. I'm just glad no one I know saw the whole thing. My coworker was on the side of the dress that was still in place!

  3. I love the idea of telling about wardrobe malfunctions!! :) I have to admit I laughed (it's a great post!) but it def could have happened to me too. Way to handle it with class!

  4. Hope, I wish I could say this was the only mishap... there will be more, and I will be sharing! I'm glad you laughed, I always feel silly if I'm the only one laughing at myself.


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