Monday, January 3, 2011

Proof That I'm a State Worker

This, my friends, is proof that I'm a state worker!

*Not only am I wearing my white sneakers, but you can see my back-up pair*

Some strange things that happen when you become a state worker:

- They issue you a state id and building badge with an uber-fashionable lanyard.  You (accidentally) rock this lanyard outside of work as if it is the hottest fashion accessory of the year - gag!

- You purchase a white pair of sneakers. You stop caring that they don't match your outfit because you have to walk a couple of blocks to meetings, light rail, the bus stop, or to get lunch.  White tennies (does anyone call them that any longer?) seem to now go great with a pair of black nylons and a dress skirt.  They also look great with a navy suit or black dress slacks.

- A large, reusable bag also become part of the daily wardrobe and also goes with everything.  Do you own a cuter, more stylish bag?  Of course, but you don't want to draw that sort of attention to yourself in the downtown area.  If you are carrying a nice bag it is often assumed that you are carrying around some nice things in that bag.  It is also an assumption that you must have money to spare.  It become exhausting telling every street beggar that an ex-boyfriend from four year ago purchased the designer bag for you and that it would never have found its way in to your wardrobe on your state salary. 

No one really warns you about these things... they just happen.  It isn't in the dress code.  It is a chameleon sort thing and you just adapt to the surroundings.  One day you wake up and realize that you've conformed and you are slowly loosing any sense of fashion you once had! ...Future state employees, beware!

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