Friday, January 28, 2011


The Renee dress - kikaPaprika
Close to a year ago I was at a children’s expo in Orange County working at my department's booth.  I took a break to walk around and I came across the kikaPaprika booth with super cute clothes. 

What really caught my eye was a display with a vibrant burnout style t-shirt and a placard that read “I’m made of recycled water bottles” – after seeing that I had to go over and talk to the woman (the fabulous Vicki) in the booth. This is related to my field of work so I talked her ear off and asked a ton of questions about the clothing.

Some of the things that I really like about this company is that they are making beautiful, vibrant, comfortable clothing in a really responsible way.  Everything is made in the United States – which is hard to find these days.  They are using sustainable materials such as Tencel (eucalyptus pulp), organic cotton, and like I mentioned above -recycled water bottles. The styles are fun, many pieces can be worn multiple ways, and I’ve seen women size 2-20 look great in kikaPaprika (their sizing is size 1-6, similar to Chico’s).

The clothing can be purchased through a home show setting and let me tell you, it is so much fun to have someone set up two rolling racks of clothing in your home for you and your friends to try on!  I’m slowly accumulating pieces and always get compliments when I wear them.  They also have a blog that give examples of ways to wear your kika items in different capsules (hello… some great ideas for the gals participating in the 30 for 30 Challenge).

An example of how layering totally changes the look of a basic wrap dress.
Outfit Details:
Jacket – via Ross (Spring 08)
Renee dress – kikaPaprika (Spring 10)
Shoes – Marshall's (Fall 10)
Tights – Payless (Fall 10)

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  1. Love this outfit! The prints blend so nicely and are so chic together.


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