Saturday, January 15, 2011

Live Fast, Die Pretty

I've been taking public transportation for the past six years to get to my job down town.  I've taken just about all forms - light rail, bus and now a commuter express bus.  I've decided to pull up a few pieces I've written over the past few years and share with you all.  This will give you better insite into my daily commuting experience. And away we go...
Thank God for public transportation. I'm saving money and the environment, conserving natural resources, and getting some cheap entertainment all in one ride!
Friday morning I got on light rail and opened my book in hopes of ignoring my fellow riders. At the next stop after mine I look up to see a lady walking down the aisle wearing a bright pink shirt that said "Live Fast, Die Pretty."
Upon further observation I notice she is wearing NO SHOES, is talking to herself and looks like she hasn't used a brush for a week or more. There are open seats  all around me but of course she sits in the seat across the way from me -this means I get to listen to her talk to herself and her reflection the entire trip downtown (30 minutes). At one point she got up and walked to the other end of the train and I thought I wouldn't have to listen to ignore her any longer but she returned with a newspaper that she proceeded to tear into (not exagerating) a couple hundred pieces. She finally got off at Alcoli Flat/La Valentina, which is no suprise to anyone who has ever ridden the Watt-Meadowview line. Anyone remember the PSA's from the 80's "This is your brain on drugs"...I think she might have been the poster child... not even joking.

I'll post these every-so-often just to keep you on your toes!
I'll be attending a theme party on Saturday night... we'll see if any of the photos are blog-worthy.  Have a great weekend everyone.

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