Saturday, January 22, 2011

To the Max!

I found this navy maxi dress at the Gap last fall.  It is an XL and is a little bigger than I'd like but this was a no brainer for $5.  It has a super soft feel to it which makes me feel like I'm wearing pajamas to work. 
 I was a little worried about the length because it does skim the ground when I'm not wearing shoes so I knew I was going to have to choose something with height and the boots worked great.

I had an interesting issue on the day I wore this outfit.  I got warm and needed to take off the jean jacket.  No big deal right?  Easy answer...Take off the jacket!  But the look changed completely and I didn't like it at all!  I wish I would have taken a picture to show you the difference.  I pulled the look together knowing that this maxi dress had no shape what-so-ever.  I try to stick to more structured pieces so I don't get lost in my clothes.  Once the jacket came off it I felt like the brown belt wasn't substantial enough for the amount of fabric in the dress.  Had it been a wide belt it might have been different.  But lets get real, I'm not going to start carrying around two belts in case I'd like to take off one of my layering pieces. 

I can't be the only one that gets warm at some point during the day.  I see all of you out there in your super cute, layered looks but I want to know what happens when your office heats up?  Or when you eat your super hot soup for lunch raising your body temp a little? 

So here is the real question...
How do I deal with the fact that temperatures vary throughout my day and I have to add/subtract pieces as I'm going?  This isn't only a winter issue for me.  My office is frequently set at sub-zero during the summer (ok, more like 72 degrees) and Sacramento is notorious for having a few weeks of scorching, nasty, blasting hot weeks each summer.  This means that, once again, layers are coming on and off... HELP!  What is a girl to do?

Outfit Details
Maxi Dress - Gap
Crew Neck - Target
Denim Jacket - Style & Co via Macy's
Boots - Style & Co via Macy's
Grey Tights - Its a mystery to me


  1. You deal with the heat and just sweat.... because you look hot and looking hot is uncomfortable sometimes! (okay lots of times!)
    Or option #2 you carry around the second belt - just in case :) Makes me happy to hear that I am not the only one that thinks about these type of scenarios.
    Love ya K

  2. You can carry around one of those personal travel fans that run on AA batteries. It's kind of a "menopause" thing I usually see ladies with hot flashes carrying them...Seriously, you look super cute, Tiffy. I am going to post your blog on my wall :)


  3. Kastonya - Guess I'd better start carrying a bigger bag huh ;o)
    Mandie - I think I might avoid the hot-flash-fan for a few more years.


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