Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lay off of my blue (toed) suede shoes!

I've been waiting to wear these shoes for a while now but hadn't quite found the right outfit.  They are so much fun!  A grey suede shoe with a blue toe?  Who wouldn't love these (and if you don't, frankly I don't really want to know). 
I found them on Ebay a few months ago and I believe they cost me less than $10 - including shipping!  They had NO scuff marks on the bottom which means that they'd never even been worn outdoors.  Total score!

I had to go "go see a man about a horse" yesterday and needed to look presentable (I will elaborate at a later date, I promise).  I've done a little shape shifting over the past year and my suits weren't fitting quite right.  I pulled out the trusty black skirt knowing that it fits well and decided to work from there.  Next came the collared shirt.  It's difficult impossible to tell in the pictures but the collared shirt has both dark and light blue pin stripes.  The outfit still didn't look polished enough.  I pulled out the black cardigan but the whole thing felt a little too dark so I went with the grey cotton wrap instead.  I don't have a ton of blue in my closet right now so I think that is part of the reason I'm having such a hard time finding something to do with these shoes.  After seeing the wrap with the blue pin stripes, I decided it was time for the blue (toed) suede shoes to make their debut.  How do you think it turned out? 

After my "horse" appointment I was off to a visitation. I'm a member of an organization called Active 20-30 US & Canada.  The chapter I belong to is Active 20-30 of Greater Roseville / South Placer #36 and we are currently promoting our Annual Crab Feed which is one of our biggest fundraisers of the year.  In addition to selling tickets to community members, we often visit other chapters to inform them of our upcoming events.  So a few of my fellow 20-30ians from Greater Roseville were off to see the fabulous women of Active 20-30 of Greater Sacramento #1032.   Greater Sacramento is where I started my Active 20-30 career and I'm so grateful to have learned so much from these talented, caring, and dedicated women... I chose to move about 45 minutes outside of the Sacramento area last year and transferring to the Greater Roseville chapter just made sense in my life. 

Before we got into the heavy duty business of the meeting we played a game called Person, Pockets and Purses.  We were informed that the first table to put 10 items (from their person, pockets or purses) in the bucket on their table would win a treat.  The items were read off one by one such as a quarter dated before 1975, a shoe lace, a gas receipt, and so on.  My table was the first hold up our bucket and we WON!!! I'm happy to say that I contributed to this challenge with a hair band, dental floss and my wide belt.  I get competitive over the silliest things.  Our prize was a box of Trader Joe's peppermint Oreos and a bag of mini snickers - yum!

How do you give back to your community? 

PS. If you live in the Roseville area, we'd love to see you at Active 20-30 of Greater Roseville / So Placer #36's Annual Crab Feed.  The night will include crab, shrimp, salad, pasta, bread, a live desert auction, a silent auction and raffle and great live music by Ted Stands Alone

The Details:
Wrap - Express
Collared shirt - New York & Co
Black skirt - New York & Co
Grey suede shoes - Nine West via Ebay
Grey tights - couldn't tell you


  1. I love those shoes!!!! Navy and gray are a great color combination. They would look great with a yellow shirt, too:)

  2. Cute! I think Nine West makes comfy and fashionable heels ;)

  3. Great outfit! I love the belted cardi, really pulls everything together! And I love the blue toed shoes... I mean it looks like you dipped your toe into the paint of love!


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