Thursday, January 6, 2011

'Till We Meet Again and 1st Outfit Post!

I'm a part of a department that is going through some major changes.  I'm not fond of these changes (I'm just sayin').  One thing I've noticed is that these changes are causing numerous meetings.  The group we're merging with love their meetings!

Here is an honest-to-gawd email from a coworker who shall remain nameless:

"When is a good time for us to go over the reports that today's training addressed? Do you want to meet tomorrow before our meeting say 1:30?, or maybe Thursday? It might be nice to meet soon, as we just had the training and its fresh in our minds."
So let me get this straight... you want to meet about the meeting we had today before the meeting we have tomorrow?  Aaaarrrrrgggg!

I don't like meetings anymore.  I don't think it is healthy to go so many meetings a week. I'd like to cut back on my meeting intake.  Now here is my question... If a person that doesn’t eat meat any longer is called a vegetarian… then what is a person called who doesn’t want to meet anymore?

I kinda feel like I'm vegging out during these constant meetings.  In fact, I can't even tell you what half of these meetings are really about.  If I take meetings out of my work week, can I be called a vegetarian too?

Here is the other downside of so many meetings...

What is this???  It is the dreaded "Nylon 'n' Sneaker" look!

I love these shoes.  I don't love walking around downtown from meeting to meeting in these shoes.

Still trying to figure out the self portrait... bare with me.

This outfit is a tribute to Kimberly's January Outfit Inspiration Calendar for Wednesday, 1/5 (Stripes, Red & Pearls) - somehow I didn't see the "pearls" part, bummer.  I don't wear a lot of red so I figured bright pink would be the next best thing.. the belt. 

Jean Jacket - Style&Co (Macy's)
Black Pencil Skirt - New York & Co. 
Striped Shirt - H&M
Pink Skinny Belt - Target
Black Shooties - Marshall's


  1. just saw you have this blog, looking forward to reading more on your trials in staying fashionable.

  2. I'm wearing Friday State Worker Casual, which is more casual than the usual casual wear favored by state workers. So it is actually casualXTREME and requires a baseball cap. Can we meet about this??

  3. I like those oxford shoes too, and your outfit is cute. =)

  4. ha, shooties. hahaha, barb. too bad you can't "like" others' comments on a blog.


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