Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just Another Day

Today I:
  • woke up and got ready early enough to take outfit photos before I left the house at 6:25am (gasp - yup, for reals)
  • had to go only 10  miles an hour for the first 5 miles of my drive due to the crazy fog
  • listened to a man snore on the bus all the way in to work
  • rode an elevator with a man that didn't understand the concept of personal space
  • got a "whoa baby, mmm-mmm good" from a homeless man (I'm assuming it was a compliment)
  • ate delicious Vietnamese noodles for lunch with a great friend
  • saw a price tag on the bottom of a man's shoe while in a meeting  
  • was given advise on my photography angle by a man with more gold chains on his neck than teeth in his mouth
    I gave up after taking two shots because the guys seriously wouldn't leave me alone.
  • saw a man wearing Teva sandals with socks
  • didn't have to sit next to anyone on the bus ride home (score)
  • overheard a lady use the word "supposably" - makes me think of Joey on Friends EVERY time
  • decided I'm going to participate in Kendi's next 30 for 30 challenge
  • wondered if I even have 30 things worth wearing
  • got a little nervous about how much I still have to do before the upcoming Active 20-30 Crab Feed event on January 29th in Roseville, California - tickets are $40 (shameless plug)
  • couldn't find my usb cable to upload my photos (I'll look harder tomorrow, I promise)


  1. The guy with the gold chains - do you think gold teeth, i.e. grill, would have been a better look?

    Are you sure the man in the Teva sandals with socks wasn't me? No, couldn't be, I'm a Keens kinda gal.

    BTW, love the bus sketch photo! I have that app too :)

  2. HAHAHA! That guy with the gold chains must have been a photographer of course! I think we all have those awful days where no matter how hard you try, you just CANNOT manage to update the blog! I look forward to seeing the outfit soon!

  3. Just found you through Tina's recommendation. You're fun and have great style. I'm excited to see more from you!

  4. Barb, the grill might have been a better look but he was rather twitchy so the creep-o factor would have still been strong.
    Kinsey, the search for the USB cable continues, arg!
    K, I loved that Tina put up that picture, had me laughing so hard yesterday!


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