Tuesday, March 1, 2011

#24 - She'll Be Headed 'Round the Mountain

Items 5, 19, 22, 28

I knew we were going to be up late Saturday night/early Sunday morning so I packed the most comfortable things from my 30 for 30 for the ride home.  After our long night of delicious beverages and getting our groove on I was exhausted.  This was worn to go to a friend's house for delicious, homemade biscuits & gravy and then for the car ride home back up over the Sierra.  Once I was back in the comfort of my house it was jammie time! 

Thank you jeans for being comfortable and thank you sweater for keeping me warm on the trip back home.  And you better believe my friends checked and made sure that the items were on the list... "Now are those things part of your challenge?" You don't know how badly I wanted to cheat and pack the yoga pants and the hooded sweatshirt, but I stayed the course!  Yay me! 

Outfit Details
Crewneck Tshirt: Mossimo via Target
Sweater: Old Navy
Jeans: Limited
Shoes: Alfani via Macy's

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