Friday, March 25, 2011

LIttle Grey Dress

Rain, rain, go away... it just won't quit.   
I'm ready for some sun, some vitamin d, some warmer weather.  I wanted to wear pants today but just couldn't get the combo to come together right so I grabbed the little grey dress.  The beauty of wearing a dress in the POURING rain is that you dry off quickly.  Had I been wearing those pants, the cuffs would have been wet for quite a while after coming inside.  The bummer about wearing a dress today was that the wind was just as intense as the rain.  It was actually raining sideways most of the day.

Anyway... part of the benefit of a shorter commute is the ability to take pictures in the morning to check out what everyone else will be seeing during the day.  I threw on the dress thinking "Done, nothing more to add to this one" but after I took a few shots, I realized I needed something to break it up a little.  I'd planned on wearing the scarf around my neck today but realized it might look better wrapped around my waist as a belt. The belt idea needs a little refining - I had to adjust it a few times throughout the day but I liked the look much better.  I put pics below of both looks... what do you think of the scarf-belt?

Outfit Details
Little Grey Dress: Merona via Target
Black Tank: Express
Black Slingbacks: Anne Klein via TJ Maxx
Scarf: gift from momma


  1. Girl, this dress is absolutely gorgeous on you! I love the print tights as well.

  2. Thanks Angeline... it is such an easy go-to dress!

  3. what?! Scarf belt - who knew this was even a possibility!!! How did you tie it?? I love this look!

  4. Dress is hot, stockings are hot and the belt is to die for!!!

  5. I love the scarf belt- it adds a shot of contrast and flatters you perfectly! Good idea!


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