Wednesday, March 2, 2011

#26 - Over or Under?

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This khaki and salmon combo is one of my favorites but I was a little worried that it was too short - I'm just not super comfortable in skirts/dresses that are above my knees.  I might have to try wearing it with a skirt underneath.  Audi from Fashion For Nerds has a great way of effortlessly layering skirts and dresses to add either length or visual interest so I may have to peruse her blog for some layering inspiration.  This gal has a great way of making bold choices with colors and patterns yet she makes it look so effortless and put together. 

I started off the day with the belt over the top of the cardigan and somewhere around lunch I decided to change it up.  Which to you think looks better?  I might be a commitment phobe because this kind of thing happens often...

Over or Under?
During my afternoon break I headed over to the post office which is located in a federal building complete with a metal detector and security guards.  This particular office always makes me feel uncomfortable.  Not only is there the least friendly counter worker (that I always seem to get) but I can NEVER get through the metal detector without having to take off almost everything.  First attempt: took off my belt... BUZZZZ.  Second attempt: took off my boots... BUZZZZZ.  Third attempt: took off my necklace, sweater and hair clip... no buzz.  Every person in front and behind me got right through.  Must be my magnetic personality. I always feel a little violated as I disrobe at the detector and then have to assemble myself again on the other side.  I don't know whats worse: Everyone seeing my dress and uber-fashionable athletic socks combo OR trying to crack jokes with the guards (because I'm so uncomfortable) and them not laughing. at. all.

Nice look huh?  The socks are nothing to look at but they make the boots so much more comfortable.
Outfit Details
Cardigan: Merona via Target
Shirt Dress: Merona via Target
Boots: Style&Co via Macy's
Belt: Target
Necklace: Cookie Lee
Athletic Socks: Costco


  1. Love the photos and the color combination.

  2. I like it both ways, but if I picked on it would be under.

    I love your stories, btw! Your pics with the socks totally made me chuckle. I do the same thing!

  3. i think this is one of my favorite looks, it's just classy and simple but the pop of color w/ the cardigan is fab!! i think the belt looks great both ways, you've got a different look with both under and over!! and the boots are fab, i've got boot envy...i can never find boots to fit my wide calves, curses!

  4. aww that is hilarious but it sounds sucky. :)

    I like over! The color combo is just so pretty and the dress is so flattering on you.

  5. I think I liked the belt worn over just a little more. I may start wearing scrubs to that post office to avoid taking almost everything off!


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