Tuesday, March 1, 2011

#25 - A Blah Basic

Items 6, 22, 27
The weekend prior to the start of the challenge I went down the hill to search for a few basics.  I've mentioned before that I've been quite the shape shifter lately (gaining-losing-gaining).  This left me in need of a few wardrobe staples such as a white button-down shirt and dark dress slacks.  In the fitting room I was happy with the way these pants fit but now that I own them I don't think they are so flattering.  I was really worried about going 30 days without a pair of dark slacks but to be honest, I would have rather put another dress in the mix.  They gather a little awkward at the stomach and crotch (I hate that word by the way) and the fabric is just so-so.  They might be passed along after the challenge. 

By the way... I started Weight Watchers on Monday!  I'm excited about committing myself to eating better, getting a little more exercise, and more importantly - feeling better!  I've been having trouble finding motivation to get back on track and I decided I just want to feel better.  I can do this... I did it last year and in a matter of six months I'd lost 25lbs.  I was eating right, going to the gym, walking, doing zumba and the 30 Day Shred.  Unfortunately, I got a nasty sinus infection (lasted 6+ months) that really sidetracked and then derailed my success.  I couldn't breath so exercising was hard and because my nose was in such a bad state, I couldn't taste anything - I gravitated toward more salt and sugar so I could actually taste things. 

Some great events are coming up this summer such as a trip to Cabo San Lucas, an Active 20-30 Convention in Albuquerque, NM, and a 15 year high school reunion.  Will I have a great time if I stay in exactly the same shape... You bet!  Could I have more fun if I'm healthier... Heck Yeah!  Could I get around more comfortably and possibly enjoy myself more if I get back on track... Absolutely!

I will post my weight and measurements later in the week to keep myself accountable.  So let the games begin! 

Outfit Details
Crewneck Tshirt: Mossimo via Target
Pants: Marshall's
Flats: Nicole via Ross
Necklace: Cookie Lee


  1. Classic outfit...looks great!

  2. I know what you mean about thinking something looks good in the store and then getting it home and regretting your purchase. Or even trying it on at home and thinking it looks good, then wearing it for a day and finding it very uncomfortable. I always wished one had the option to wear an outfit for a day to find out whether it works or not and then return it.

  3. by the way, are you thinking of going to meetings or just following WW online? I signed up again myself and the program has changed! If you're going to a meeting and wouldn't mind me tagging along that'd be super! There's that WW shop on K street...have you checked it out?

  4. I've been doing WW online. The meetings were not motivating for me. I actually found myself getting hungry while I hear people talking about using their extra points at Jack In The Box or on hot wings.


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