Saturday, March 26, 2011

May the Force Be With You

The Force is strong with this one!
I knew I wanted to wear my new jeans and wrap on Friday and I was excited to get up and put on these two items.  I'm not really sure about the combo.  While I was comfortable, and didn't feel like it was a terrible outfit, I don't really think it did much for my figure.

My new office building has huge reflective windowed doors and these may prove to be a problem.  When I approach the building, it is much like approaching a more than full length mirror.  When I walked up, the image I saw immediately reminded me of the Star Wars movies.  All I needed was a light saber and I could have entered Jedi training school. I mentioned this to one of the gals in the office and the laughter that followed let me know I was spot on with my assessment!

They day started off with the belt...
The jeans and cream wrap are both from my Macy's gift card shopping spree earlier this week.  I might have found the perfect jeans for my body!  They are DKNY (Soho) and they couldn't make me happier as far as jeans go. The rise is high enough to cover my generous booty, the front come up high enough to help out with that little tummy pooch, I love the wash and they were so comfortable!  I fell in love with the cream wrap when I saw the detail on the back... it is beautiful.  The jeans were la bled $48 which I would have gladly paid for these lovelies - they came up as $24.99 and you would have thought I'd just won the Showcase Showdown on the Price-is-Right.  The wrap was originally $59 but for me, the self proclaimed Queen of Macy's Deals... $8.85!

and ended without the belt.
I might have to start a new segment on this blog called "Belt or no belt."  I once again changed it up half way though the day. Help me out... what do you think?

Outfit Details
Cream Wrap: Style & Co via Macy's
Black Tank: Express
New Favorite Jeans: DKNY via Macy's
Shoes: Alfani
Belt: Old Navy


  1. That wrap is ADORABLE! I need to hit up the Macy's soon...

  2. That jacket is gorgeous but no belt with it, it is definately Jedi worth with the belt ;)

  3. Thanks girls... I thought the embroidery on the back gave the piece the pizzaz. I think the general consesus was no belt!

  4. With the design on the back and the flow of the front... no belt looks just looks like you're trying to hide something that isn't there to hide w/ the belt on. Love the outfit and the deal you got on it!

  5. Hi TMM - I vote no belt....less Jedi like. I do love the wrap!

  6. No belt it is. I guess that means I need to drop my Jedi Training course.


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