Monday, March 14, 2011

Dessert First

One of the great things about being an adult is the option of eating your dessert first.  Tonight I met up with a bunch of my Cookie Lee girls for a night of dinner and shopping.  One of the girls mentioned that she loves to order dessert before dinner so guess what we did... we shared a dessert before dinner. And then we shared another one after dinner.  Take that mom! One of the gals there tonight was Mandy from The Bejeweled Babe. Swing by and say hi... she has a great sense of style and is a fabulous thrift shopper!  I'm serious, this girl has some serious thrift mojo.

The Clothed Commuter and The Bejeweled Babe
My dad gave me a Macy's gift card for Christmas and let me tell you... I know how to make those dollars stretch.  This skirt was one of the many purchases.  The combo of brown and black make me feel like I can really go crazy with accessories of either color.  It is impossible to see in the photos but every other flower has gold detail in it. 

By the way, I'm going to have to pick up some anti-frizz serum soon... today was rainy and wow, did I get my frizz on. Any suggestions on a good product to check out?

Outfit Details
Jacket: kikaPaprika
White shirt: CAbi
Skirt: JM Collection via Macy's
Boots: Aerosoles from coworker Janis
Necklace: Cookie Lee

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  1. I don't know if you've found one yet but Bumble and Bumble makes a great de-frizzer, so to speak.


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