Thursday, March 31, 2011

RIP Nylons... Literally!

Uh-Oh, I got a runner in my pantyhose!

Here is another take on the black and white theme I've been stuck on this week.  I wanted to wear the polka-dot nylons and had originally picked out a black top with large circles all over.  It was pattern overkill and I definitely felt like I should have been marching out with a troupe of clowns instead of heading to work.  I decided the white shirt and jean jacket were simple enough to wear with my crazy leg wear.

I'm always so proud of myself when I can get through an entire day without snagging leg wear on something and I thought for sure I was home free.  But then I drove past the Loft and noticed a huge sign reading 40% off of all clearance.  I pulled in, grabbed an armful of things, went in to the fitting room and while adjusting the nylons *POP* my finger went right through the nylons.  Boooo, soo sad!  And the trip to the fitting room turned up fruitless!  Super boooo!  I did wind up getting a t-shirt and two tank tops -- items that didn't even require the fitting room.

Notice the ghostly white face... I'll address that in the next post!

Outfit Details
Jean Jacket: Marccini via TJ Maxx
White T: CAbi from coworker Janis
Black Pencil Skirt: NY&Co
Polka Dot Nylons: Kmart
Booties: Marshall's
Ghostly White Face: Ulta... stay tuned

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  1. Oh man runs in the tights are the worst! I did it twice this week to brand new pairs.


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