Thursday, March 24, 2011

Que Serra Serra

"What?  You waited for me all of this time?  But how did you know I'd come back?"

"Que serra serra - whatever will be will be." This tends to be my outlook on shopping.  If I love it but the price isn't right, I'll come back a month later.  If I'm in a rush and don't have time to purchase the item, if it is there when i come back, then it is meant to be.

I found these adorable Franco Sarto wedges at Chic Boutique, a consignment shop in Auburn, in December.  I was bringing in a few bags of clothing when I happened upon these little guys.  Seeing as I was headed out to do Christmas shopping for my family, I thought it wasn't quite in the spirit of the season to buy these shoes for myself. 

I headed back in to the shop in February to drop off a few more things and once again, I wasn't supposed to be shopping for myself... but there sat the cute wedges. 

Finally, the end of the shopping ban and I headed straight to Chic Boutique to check out the scarves.  I didn't think the shoes would still be there so initially I didn't even look for them.  In consignment shops, if you don't move quickly, there is little chance an item will wait around for you.  Low and behold, they were there waiting for me.  I immediately took them to the counter.  Can you believe $11.50 for this brand new, never been worn pair of Franco Sarto crocodile shoes with a suede wedge heel?
... love love love!

I would love to show you the outfit I wore with these shoes but I hit the wrong button in Picasa and deleted ALL of the outfit photos for Wednesday... boo!  I'm still not sure what I did but I can't locate the photos anywhere.  And get this, I emptied my photo card right after I uploaded the photos to my computer... super boo!  Oh well, to be honest, I wasn't crazy the outfit once I saw the photos.  I've learned my lesson about pushing that delete button though!


  1. Beautiful shoes - that is a good motto for shopping!

  2. Thanks Sarah, helps to keep my shopping habit in check ;o)


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