Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So Caught Up On You!

I got the biggest compliments ever today.  A coworker at the new job said "You are always so stylish at work. You kinda remind me of that girl, Carrie.  From that show in New York City. You're like our office Carrie!"  I said "Thank you, you don't realize how big a compliment that is!"  Then I went to the dentist office for my cleaning and my hygienist said "Where do you work where you get to dress so cute?"  I think I want to wear this outfit everyday!

While the compliments were TOTALLY awesome, I was totally accident prone today.  I kept getting caught on things at every turn.  While entering the office this morning, my purse strap got caught on the door knob.  While walking out of the bathroom, one of the strings on my white jacket got caught when the door closed.  While I was in the car, my arm got wrapped in my necklace when I put my purse in the passenger seat.  I've worn everyone of these items before and never been caught up on anything.  Oh well, I guess it was just my day to get caught on everything!

I love this dress.  The print is an abstract butterfly, it has an empire waist and it has ties on either side of the waist.  It felt a little short today with the leggings so I'm considering adding lace trim to the bottom to lengthen it just a little.  I've been trying to add more color to my wardrobe but I just love the clean look of black, white and grey!

Outfit Details
Butterfly Dress: FreeStyle (new stock)
White Jacket: kikaPaprika
Black Leggings: kikaPaprika
Boots: Aerosoles (gift from former coworker)
Necklace: Cookie Lee


  1. Very cute outfit indeed and deserving of the compliments!!


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