Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So Long K Steet - A Tribute

Tuesday was my last day working downtown.  It was a little bittersweet.  I'm glad to not have to deal with the smells, the crazy people, the panhandlers, the loud urban youth, and so on and so forth.  There is a whole catalog of character you can run in to downtown and I was planning on doing a few posts to cover them all - it won't be nearly as relevant now that I have a new job (no where near downtown). In honor of my last day working downtown, I've put together a compilation of the sights of K Street. 

 I'd like to call this the Permullet. The front swoop of hair was also straight. I'm not sure how you would convince a hair dresser to only perm the crown of your head.  Or she may have started straightening her curly hair and gotten tired and just stopped half way through.  This was so confusing because she wasn't really stand-out odd looking anywhere else. 

This was taken on my last day downtown.  I'm not sure why she only has on one over the knee boot.  This just boggled my mind!  When I got closer it looked as if she may have been wearing a walking boot or an orthopedic shoe on her other foot.  I'm still confused though... Maybe her commitment to fashion is so strong that she'd rather rock only one OTK boot than go low profile and match the other shoe.

Knee High - Oh My!
 I commend this woman for going with an eggplant color suit and not just sticking with traditional black.  What confuses me is that she is wearing knee highs with her skirt suit.  I'm not even going to get in to the white socks and sneakers because hey, it was lunch and she was out getter her walk on.  I'm forgiving when you are exercising... But I can't really get over the knee highs though.

Ugg Moo
 First of all, this picture was taken in December and it was NOT warm outside.  If it is so cold that you need to wear your (cow print) Uggs then you should wear a jacket, sweater, or coat... period.  What you can't tell from the back is that she is wearing a white tube top - with a black criss-cross bra.  She was also really loud and attracting attention from the YUG's (young urban gentlemen) in the background.

Leg Warmers aren't just for Jazzercise!
 I'm sorry for the poor photo quality but it is important to avoid getting my but kicked while taking pictures of my friends on K Street. I loved her ability to match colors and take risks but once again... if it is so cold that you need to wear leg warmers (and this day was in the high 30's) then maybe it is a bad day for you platform stiletto sandals.  The front of the outfit was interesting too, but like I said, not getting in a street fight took priority over getting the photo.

Silver Man
 This guy tries to be a street performer.  He might be a second cousin once removed from Silver Man on Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. I used to frequently see him practicing in the reflection of an empty building and he had such a poor sense of rhythm.  He would try doing that robot move where you tap your hand and your entire arm swings around - people, I wanted to go over and show him how it was done.  He hasn't been in costume recently but he still sports the silver shoes and silver crutch.

Drum roll please...

He wears Short Shorts!
 Wow.  WOW.  Wow.  Would you believe me if I told you the first thing I noticed about this guy was that he had a purse?  I was crossing the street at the same time as 10 other people when this guy hurried by and each of us snickered a little. I don't even know where to purchase shorts like that and do they make them specifically for men?  At least he doesn't have a panty line right?  right?

I'm not very hopeful that these sort of characters will appear anywhere within a 10 mile radius of my new job... and for that I'm relieved!  Thank you for allowing me to share a little of my K Street adventures.  So long K Street, its been real...


  1. Oh my gosh I almost peed myself with short shorts guy :D did you seriously notice the purse before the short shorts?
    Thanks for sharing k street with us all before you leave there

  2. Where the "h" is this K Street located?!!!! I'll be sure not to visit! LOL We also have a downtown K Street in DC but nothing quite like yours! LOL

  3. Those are hilarious! Way to capture some memories on camera.

  4. Aren't these incredible? There were so many days I wish I had my camera. I may have to go back and visit every so often just to get some more photos.

  5. Haha those are hilarious! I'm glad you captured these so I don't have to venture to K Street myself (although Pizza Rock is delicious--have you tried it?).

  6. OMGosh - this makes our downtown look tame (even though I have spied lots of fashion don'ts). Too funny - thanks for sharing. Congrats on the new chapter in your life.

  7. Angeline - I got to go to Pizza Rock the week before I left. We even got to see the pizza dough toss act to the Phantom of the Opera mix.
    Kimberly - while not all of Sacramento's downtown is that crazy, my work location seemed to be a mecca for the crazies.


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