Thursday, February 24, 2011

#19 - Sweater Swan Song

Items 8, 13, 15, 29

The top and sweater were came together as an absolute fluke.  I can't even remember how they would up next to each other in my closet (my button down tops are in a different section of my closet than my sweater tops).  I kinda liked how the baby blue played off of the soft pink.  I've had the sweater for over 4 years now and for a thin, well loved sweater, that is a lifetime!  I put it in the 30 for 30 as the final farewell, the sweater's "swan song."  This actually the first time I've layered anything under it other than a camisole.  I come from a long line so sturdy people built with broad shoulders.  This sweater combo accentuated my strong shoulders like few outfits could. 

While this challenge is teaching me so much about my wardrobe and my likes/dislikes in regard to clothing... I feel most of the outfits have been like throwing darts at the dartboard and being happy that one made it on the board at all.  I'm using the dart analogy because I not particularly predictable at the game.  For me it isn't so much a game of skill but a game of luck.  If I get a bulls eye I'm happy, really happy, and I try to repeat what I did to get that bulls eye.  In this challenge I think I've gotten a bulls eye or two but mostly I've been pretty happy to just be playing the game.

Outfit Details
Ruffle Sleeve Sweater: Macy's (tag fell out ages ago)
Button Down Top: H&M
Cropped Pants: Ross
Boots: Bass


  1. I think that combo is so cute! The challenge really forces us to get creative, no?

  2. Thanks Kinsey... I liked the way the two lighter colors played off of each other.


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