Friday, February 11, 2011

#8 Continued

This outfit looked much better in my head.  This is the way I've been feeling recently about many outfits.  By the way, in my head I'm 5'10" and have the build of a swedish swimsuit model so I'm thinking of getting my camera checked out.  It seems to be squashing my figure and causing lumps and bumps where I'm pretty sure they don't exist. 

Back to the real world... flats do nothing for my shapeless legs and I might have reconsider wearing them with skirts ever again.  Notice I even cropped them out of the picture?

By the way, this is the dress that I was wearing when I flashed the bum on K Street. You better bet I had the slip on when I was wearing the dress on this day!

Outfit Details
Dress: Merona via Target
Sweater: Gap
Tights: Payless
Shoes: Nicole via Ross
Belt: NY&Co


  1. Your legs are NOT shapeless ; you have pretty legs! Well, maybe they would look even better with kitten heels or the like, but they are shapely. I like your outfits very much, and please, please don't you talk so negatively about your body. Thank you for your blog! A plus-size girl in Germany who looks for inspiration - Hugs, Lola

  2. Thanks Lola for reminding me to keep a positive body image. From following certain bloggers I've picked up great tips about creating a waist with a belt or lengthening the look of legs with heels. I'm just acknowleding that flats aren't the most flattering for my legs (which have never been my favorite feature).


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