Friday, February 11, 2011

#9 Did Just Fine

Items 3, 18, 22, 28

The verdict is still out on this skirt.  I picked it up at the Gap for right around $5 so it was I was willing to try it out for that amount.  I really like the color but the cut is a little strange on my body.  The skirt will get at least one more shot during the 30x30 - with only 30 items in the mix I can't vote this guy off the island just yet.  This skirt may be scrambling to form an alliance with another piece of clothing in the near future though!

While I was taking my pictures I noticed how big my chest appeared (see above photo) so I buttoned up another button on the shirt for the pictures below and it did wonders to visually minimize that area.  I mentioned in outfit post #8 that my camera is doing strange things (like making me lumpy and bumpy), well it is also making the girls appear bigger.  I have a few friends that wish they were more blessed in the chest - I have a solution for you... borrow this darned camera!  Between the camera making me look frumpy and shorter than I imagine myself AND my clothes all fitting much tighter I'm wondering if my house might be haunted!  It couldn't possibly have to do with my lack of exercise lately or my poor eating habits, right?

Why is it we are seldom happy with the attributes we're given?  I have a coworker who suffers from Noassatall, it is a syndrome where there is very little coosh in the tush (get it? no-@ss-at-all? - ha!).  She always mentions how she doesn't have a butt or hips.  When God was passing those out, He must have skipped her and given me a double serving! 

Outfit Details
Denin Shirt: NY&Co
Shirt: Merona via Target
Skirt: Gap
Legwear: Hue via Macy's (LOVE THEM!)
Shoes: Alfani via Macy's
Necklace: Cookie Lee

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  1. And again, here we go- negative words about your body? Hey lady, you look great in that outfit! Luuurve the colour of the skirt... (Didn't you say in another post that you have a positive body image?) Love <3, Lola


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