Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Specs

Once a year I have to go in for my eye exam and I always feel too pressured to pick out a new pair of glasses while I'm there.  I've worn glasses since 2002.  I hated them at first - they were an accessory I wasn't interested in wearing and they gave me headaches for the first two months.  Now that I've been wearing them for close to a decade I really don't mind them at all.  Plus it is a fun way to change up my look.

What?  You said you didn't know I wore glasses?  Usually they are removed for photos.  I don't like the glare from the glasses and I feel like you can't see my eyes (and I really like my eyes).  Anyone who sees me daily knows that I DO wear them.  My last couple of pairs are similar enough in prescription that I can rotate them to fit my mood - score!

Glasses are the one thing I'm usually willing to splurge a bit on... I wear them 365 days a year but I still like to keep the price below $200 making the cost per wear close to 55 cents per day.  On Thursday I went down and chose my new pair.  Drum roll please....

Revlon #569

I'm excited about their arrival.  The color is called navy lace and they have little bits of bling on the front and on the temples.  Best part... after insurance they were only $68, by far the least expensive pair I've ever purchased. Cost per wear - less than 19 cents!

Once they come in I promise to take a few pictures and include them in the blog.

Do you wear glasses?  What goes in to your decision behind wearing (or not) in photos?

PS. Have you seen Kyla at Blue Collar Catwalk?  That chica can rock a pair of specs!


  1. For single vision glasses, I've been very happy with the ones I get ($14 shipped) from and (with a sale, which they have regularly)

    For me it's meant I get to own a dozen pairs of glasses and switch it up whenever I want. :) My latest pair is blue!

  2. I've worn glasses since I was in the 1st grade! I did everything known to man to get rid of them.. put them in another kids seat and let him sit on them, put them under my momma's tire and the car ran them over (I got busted for that one lol), etc. By 6th grade I had to wear them at all times. Now I've grown to like them. I usually have several pairs that I can switch to. My fave pair were purple and red :) I just look at them as another extention of my personality.


  3. Jenny - My sister purchased from Zennioptical a few years back and had a great experience. I need to give them a shot - for less than $30, can't go wrong!
    Eclectic - Red and purple? Those sound fun! I need to branch out and do something fun like that!


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