Friday, February 25, 2011

#20 - Rushing, Chewing, Snoring and Snagging

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I fell in to a time warp this morning that disrupted my morning schedule.  I didn't have enough time to blow dry all of my hair, hence the bun.  I couldn't find the maxi-dress I wanted to wear - that wasted more valuable time.  I packed my make-up bag so I could take care of that at work.  Then I had to rush around the house to find loose dollar bills so I could pay for my buss ride.  WHERE did the time go? 

Thankfully I made it to the pick-up location before the bus did.  While standing in line a guy walked up behind me chewing gum like it was his job.  *Chomp*Chomp*Chomp*  I wanted to ask him to chew the gum with his mouth closed but somehow it seems rude for me to ask someone to chew more like a human and less like a cow.  When I get on the bus, the chewer sits right behind me  *Chomp*Chomp*Chomp*.  Once the bus gets on the freeway I hear an older man across the isle from me snoring.  Behind the snoring and the chewing I wanted to scream.  I think I might be a little obsessive compulsive when it comes to noises.  I reached in my bag to pull out my Ipod and it was dead (Arg) but thankfully, I remember I have Pandora on my phone.  Thankfully Duffy and all of her palls sang to me the rest of the way to work and I all I could hear was a dull purr from the snoring man.

When I got to work I pulled out my makeup bag and put it on my lap.  The velcro on the bag immediately attached to the material on the skirt and when I pulled it off it snapped a bunch of threads in the fabric - so sad!  I'm sure no one would notice unless I pointed it out, however I'm still bummed about my mistake. 

After work I went to see my family and when I walked through the door Winnie, the little Shih Tzu, jumped up on my leg and snagged my nude fishnets.  I've never been so thankful to get home at the end of the night and take an outfit off!

Outfit Details
Denim Shirt: NY&Co
Skirt: Style&Co via Macy's
Boots: Bass
Belt: NY& Co
Necklace: Cookie Lee


  1. I'm sorry you had a bad day :( The outfit is totally cute though! I love the skirt.

  2. The day wan't all bad, I just felt like I kept hitting unexpected speed bumps. The skirt is one of my faves too... that's why I was so bummed when I snagged up the front.


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