Sunday, February 6, 2011

And Now We Arrive At # 5

Items 5, 23
I call this look the get-up-and-go look.  Nothing special.  Bordering on scary if you get too close.
This is what happens when you:
  • have been out WAY too late (aka 2am) the night before with an incredible group of friends
  • had six additional people staying at your house and a shower just didn't fit in the time frame (yes, I admit I left the house without showering)
  • had to leave the house by 7:30 (did I mention I got home at 2am?)
  • have to go cheer on your man playing in an annual flag football game where you will be out in the damp cold next to a river
You might be wondering why I'm not wearing shoes in the outfit and that is because I'm a dirty cheater!  I woke up with the intention of wearing one of my two pairs of boots.  I grabbed them and then stopped and remembered that I was going to watch a football game in a park in the middle of nowhere and I wasn't sure if it was going to be icy.  Twisting an ankle wasn't on the agenda so I grabbed my running shoes.  I also wore my event sweatshirt to show support for my man.  Does it make cheating less offensive when I admit it right away? 

I noticed that Molly over at Leaving the House in THIS?!? chose to include a pair of Converse Chucks to her 30 for 30.  If there is a "next time" I will be including a super casual pair of shoes that I can wear in a fashionable way.  Where I live and the type of weekend events I have weren't really in my consideration while I was choosing my 30 items and it bit me in the bum.

Annual Black & Blue Bowl
Hangtown #43 vs. Santa Rosa #50

Regardless of the cheating, I had a great time at the game, wonderful time seeing friends that I don't get to see all of the time, and enjoyed the beautiful weather out at the game.

Outfit Details
Jeans: Limited
Top: Gap
Hat: a vendor at Jack Russel Brewery (gift from a friend)
Shoes: I'm too embarrassed to include


  1. I'm totally liberated by your admission of cheating. I've been soooooo tempted this morning to do the VERY same thing!!!
    Thanks for the mention :)
    The chucks have been my go-to shoe all weekend long!!

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  2. If you count shoes as an accessory then it's really not cheating, is it? ;)


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