Tuesday, February 8, 2011

#7 is Heaven and Everybody, Everywear - Blazer Edition

Howdy folks!  Here we have not only outfit #7 but another addition of Everybody, Everwear featuring the blazer.

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Everybody, Everywear is a blog put together by Liz (Two Six and Counting) and Linda (The Auspicious Life) to showcase items that most women have in the closet.  Be sure to swing by to see all of the fabulous ways other gals have styled their blazers at Everybody, Everywear.  I'm amazed and inspired by how many different twists there are on the blazer!

I purchased my cotton blazer at Macy's for $12 in early January... that's right... $12!  Can you say bargain shopper extraordinaire?  Having a broad shoulders, a big ribcage and boobs all make it really hard to find a blazer that fits comfortably.  The jersey cotton is great because it stretches and gives, I can dress it up or throw it on with jeans.  I'm pretty happy with my find.

I've worn the blazer and white shirt before with jeans and liked the way it looked but I wanted something a little dressier for work.  Out came the black crop pants and the boots - I just realized I wore crop pants and boots for the last Everybody, Everywear (variation on theme).  I did mention previously I think I was a pirate in my past life... see?  The bib necklace was a last minute add on and I'm really happy with the way it turned out.  I wasn't so sure how to wear it up until today... just find a deep v-neck and rock that bib necklace!  It helped me feel like I wasn't exposing to much skin with the v-neck, plus it was just fun and sparkly!

Outfit Details
Blazer: Style&Co
Long Sleeve Shirt: Gap
Pants: Ross
Boots: Bass
Necklace: Cookie Lee


  1. LoL I see your pirate and raise you a ninja! Very cute look! Loving the necklace.

  2. Ninja? Awesome! So are you going to post a ninja pose? (fingers crossed)


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